Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive Under Evaluation

Pierce stocking scenic driveEvery year at the Lake Michigan Overlook #9 on the Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive, visitors are lured off the boardwalk. Despite posted warnings, people descend the 450 foot high rock and sand bluff.
the sight of others doing so may give the impression that this is a safe activity. It is not safe. rangers routinely respond to visitors who have become injured, dangerously exhausted, overheated, or who have become separated and lost as they seek alternate routes back to the top. Please do not climb at this location. the Dune climb is recommended as a safer location for climbing.
When we climb the steep bluffs, we destroy the fragile vegetation holding the dunes together. these unnatural human paths funnel the wind and focus erosion on specific places instead of across the entire dunes. Within a few generations, this erosion threatens to destroy the colors of the dunes we love to experience.
The Park has recently prepared a plan that looks at different ways of addressing the safety and resource issues at this site. the plan was available for public review, a public open house will be held June 17th at 5:00pm please call for more information 231-326-5134